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--- Joel Baehr, Past President, Unity Worldwide Ministries

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Ray of Hope: Inspiring Peace

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In 2002, at 45 years old, Ray Madaghiele pedaled his vintage bicycle 3,369 miles in 70 days from Phoenix, Arizona, to Ground Zero, New York City—supported by his wife, Lyn—to honor the heroes of 9-11 and share a powerful message of hope and healing with thousands of people across America.

Ray of Hope: Inspiring Peace honors the heartwarming stories people shared, and it reveals timeless principles that can help each of us be more peaceful and joyful no matter what is happening in our lives and the world. This book will inspire you to live your dreams and be a “ray of hope” in the world.

Ray Madaghiele is a Human Transformation Engineer with over 25 years’ speaking, teaching and business experience. He is co-founder of the Transformational Learning Center, whose purpose is “Inspiring Hope and Awakening Greatness” in individuals, organizations and communities.

This Cycling for Peace adventure inspired Ray and Lyn to simplify their lives. They sold their house in 2006, purchased an RV, and currently operate their businesses while living their dream—traveling to beautiful, uplifting places while sharing a message of hope as they roll.

“I have read many books in my life, and this is by far one of the finest and most rewarding I have ever read. It is a book that not only challenges us as individuals to think about where we are today, but also where we should be going in the future. I truly wish all of the people in the world could read Ray's book so that all of us could live with greater love and peace.”

-- Greg Podd financial consultant, CPA/PFS, Rotary International Past District 5510 Governor

“. . . Ray shows us that when we cooperate with our Divine selves we can step forward even into fearful things with a peaceful confidence.  How much could we all accomplish if we really learned this lesson.”

-- Chief Master Bill Babin, ATA 8th Degree Black Belt and Business Owner

 “Ray of Hope: Inspiring Peace is an exceptional travelogue that entertains, but more importantly, provides practical steps for finding one's own peace and reconciliation. It is, in a very real sense, a manual for living in a peaceful world.”

-- Tom Parker, Retired Urban Planner and Teacher

10th Anniversary Edition

Ray of Hope: Inspiring Peace
Insights on Chaos and Consciousness while Bicycling across America

Ray of Hope Inspiring Peace eBook

“Ray’s message is one of hope that should be read by anyone searching for true meaning in their life. He writes from the heart and his voice comes through as passionate and caring. This is a must read and I would recommend to anyone struggl-ing with life’s daily challenges.” 
--Jerry D. Simmons, Former New York Publishing Executive


Classic 1st edition Audiobook
(published 2004)

1st edition audiobook read by the author

Ray of Hope for 

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